Samantha Bee is a bore. Just what we need, another liberal on TV.

I was hoping Samantha Bee and her show on TBS would be a breath of fresh air. A new take on the news and culture. Boy, was I wrong.

She is so disappointing, squandering a wonderful opportunity to remake television. She coulda made history. Instead, she is an apparatchik of the Democratic Party. Just another liberal. Like there aren’t enough of those on TV.

Television is very boring these days. There’s a lot of garbage masquerading as quality content. Such is the case with Bee’s show, Full Frontal.

I only recently decided to check it out. I have no idea how long she has been on TBS.

Sadly, Samantha Bee is just another wacky secular leftist who is sometimes entertaining, but mostly not. She’s a rabid ideologue. We already have more than enough of those.

I wonder if there is any ideological diversity on her staff. Does anyone dare think otherwise? I doubt it.



2 thoughts on “Samantha Bee is a bore. Just what we need, another liberal on TV.”

  1. Samantha Bee is not funny just another stupid lame liberal that has no facts and cannot stand that we won
    She is a loser and hope TBS cancels her garbage and she has to get a real job

  2. Bee is a Canuck who slithered across the border to set up a democratic rant that is meant to piss off half of the country.

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