Just what we need. More militarization of police.


The control freaks are freaking out about a lack of control.

I don’t mind Kevlar helmets and other equipment to keep officers safe. However, let’s not get carried away. Do they really need heavily armored military vehicles? Do they need military firepower?

I am very wary of the police becoming an occupying force among civilians. This sort of mentality is concerning.

“We are fighting a war. The war on terrorism is here in our country. The problem is the other side doesn’t wear a uniform. Having this equipment is just good policy.”

Yes, we are in a war. And yes, one of the battle grounds is America. And yet, it isn’t the role of the police to fight our wars.

It would be much better to have as many of the public trained and equipped to protect themselves and others. That’s what the Second Amendment is for.

By the time the police arrive it is often too late. It’s up to each and every person to defend themselves, from criminals, terrorists, whatever.



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