What would happen if I entered Mexico, worked without permission, & demanded citizenship?

At least one of them is waving the proper flag, Old Glory, and not the Bandera de México.

Obviously I would be in some trouble if I went to Mexico and worked there without the necessary paperwork. If not deported immediately, I would sit in a Mexican jail, rotting and God knows what else.

In America, however, we house those who come here without permission. We feed them. Some we pay money via welfare. We spend millions and millions on illegal migrants. And then they demand legal status after breaking the law and accepting our hospitality.

Well, I happen to think that most should be deported. Is that cruel and inhumane? I don’t think so. The penalties in Mexico, and other countries throughout the world, are much harsher.

I don’t plan on giving up, either. Nor do I think most decent American citizens will.



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