No way! Hillary is “out of sync” with the people?

The geniuses in her campaign and her friends at The New York Times have finally come to the realization that Hillary Clinton is “out of sync” with the people.

Apparently some of Hillary’s closest allies have been “worrying that she is out of step” for awhile.

Gee, ya think? The so-called pros at The New York Times just got around to figuring this out?

Must be in desperation mode, particularly after the vote in Britain to leave the big government experiment that is the European Union.

She’s a candidate running a campaign on cruise control, and she’s going well below the speed limit, doing her best not to screw it up, as Pocahontas mentioned the other day.

“According to their friends and advisers, Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have worried for months that she was out of sync with the mood of the electorate, and that her politically safe messages . . . were far less compelling to . . . voters than the ‘political revolution’ . . . ” messaging of Sanders and Trump.

Curious how the writer uses the past tense. The fact is Hillary is “out of sync” with the people, with the average Joe, and always has been.

Yes, her “prudence is cold comfort to people fed up with more-of-the-same,” though I wouldn’t describe it as prudence. That word usually denotes a good quality of not rushing into things.

Hillary is more like a deer in the headlights of a semi barreling down at her while she crosses a highway. She has a problem making decisions, I think. Just look to Benghazi.

The problem with Hillary, besides being wrong on most of the issues, is that she’s indecisive, cripplingly so. The only candidate who has been more robotic is Al Gore.



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