I am beginning to like this Nigel Farage fella.

There must be something seriously wrong with me. Maybe I’m a bigot. Must be a racist, too. And perhaps a closet Nazi.

Who could possibly like Nigel Farage? He’s the Donald Trump of Britain! That’s the message resoundingly propagated by the media around the world. John Oliver has been the most prominent one on American TV doing it. Thankfully, the smear campaign doesn’t appear to be working.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels, Mr. Farage, leader of the Independence Party in Britain, known as UKIP, noted how sheltered and insulated most of the politicians and bureaucrats are.

“Now, I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade or indeed ever created a job. But listen, just listen.”

Nothing like telling like it is! And to their faces. It’s a beautiful moment of truth.

Of course, few if any will indeed listen. They are too used to telling and dictating, not listening.

After watching a few clips, I have been sucked into the drama. I am gonna have to hunt down the video and watch whatever I can find.

I love the fact that Farage was wearing a Union Jack necktie, which he was sporting in some videos and photos.



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