“Donald Trump is Sarah Palin with worse hair!”

A fella recently wrote this comparing Trump with Palin in a lengthy letter to the editor of his local newspaper.

Ain’t it odd (and fun) how riled up some folks get about Trump and Palin et al.?

That reaction is precisely why I support them. The right people, meaning the wrong people, are crowing so much and so loudly that there must be something good there.

Sure, they are far from perfect candidates. I know a heck of a lot more about politics and foreign affairs then them combined. But that’s their appeal.

We’ve had experience with a so-called constitutional scholar, described so often as a cerebral genius, President Obama. Well, how is “the professor” workin’ out for you? For us? The bottom line is that he’s a pompous ass.

I want someone in office who doesn’t think they know better than everyone else. I want them relying on advisers and staff, and then make good decisions based on that advice.

What’s important is the principles underlying how they will govern, and I am hoping Trump sticks to his word and listens to the likes of Senator Sessions.

Hillary and the Democrats, on the other hand, cannot be trusted — with our security, with our money, with anything.

Just look to Bill. Would you let Bill Clinton date your daughter?

I would much rather have Donald Trump dating my daughter than the cheating horndog from Arkansas or the jerk from Chicago who thinks he knows everything.




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