In a free society such as ours, I am not responsible for women’s decisions. Nor is the general public.

I don’t care what a powerful woman looks like. What matters to me, and most folks I think, is how she will govern.

What are her policy positions? Will she make a good governor, representative, president?

Women are not running for office in great numbers because they choose not to. It’s not because American society is biased against women. It’s not because of some schlub writing in a newspaper.

If you can’t take criticism about how much rouge you are wearing, which is just silly, then should you really be running for office? I expect leaders, including women, to be able to easily laugh this, and any other crap, off. It’s a distraction from what really matters.

This “Oh woe is me” act is tiresome. Blaming men is so passé. Women can’t get their acts together to overcome the sexists? Then maybe one shouldn’t be president.



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