Clicking the thumbs down feature on that YouTube video shows just what a bigot you are

I enjoy keeping up with the news. I’m a big collector of information, stuff that interests me.

One of my staples is reading the local college papers. Whenever I am on a campus, I try to remember to pick a copy.

Recently I grabbed a copy of The Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Washington. It is only published on Wednesdays during the summer, I think.

Of course, there’s plenty of leftist drivel throughout any edition. Most of it is not worthy of comment. But one piece on gender identity got my focus.

There’s been some controversy about a video uploaded by campus activists to YouTube. According to the reporter, the video had accumulated 240,000 dislikes. This promptly got the attention of the trigger warning protection gestapo.

“ . . . YouTube disabled the comment section because the response to this sense of pride has been overwhelmingly negative.”

And, of course, this thumbs down commentary has been described as hateful and hurtful.

“This is just one, large-scale example of the many indignities that the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically transgender people, face.”

Having people give your video a thumbs down is suddenly an indignity?

“Jen Self, director of the Q Center at the UW, explained that most injustices go largely unnoticed by those unfamiliar with the transgender experience.”

Yeah, I’ve never experienced any “injustice” and whatnot. You see, I am not transgendered, so how the hell could I possibly know anything?

Differences of opinion are natural. Open debate is what a free society is all about. Or has this campus moved on from that?

When did criticism become automatically classified as bigotry? Everyone needs to grow up. Criticism is healthy. Groupthink is not.

I hate to give the campus authoritarians any ideas, but will disliking the wrong YouTube video be grounds for dragging someone in for a disciplinary hearing? Will it soon become a hate crime to comment negatively on gay pride videos?



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