Al Gore. What a pompous ass. A real gasbag. And don’t get me started on the so-called reporter.


The Tennessean, a newspaper based in Nashville, recently published a fawning interview with the self-important, Messiah complex, man-saving-the-world former vice president, Al Gore.

REPORTER: I don’t want to compare you to Jackie Robinson, but I’m going to draw a parallel. When you’re first at something or, in your case, out front, it’s often difficult. You had naysayers. . . .

AL GORE: Oh, yeah. A few still do. . . . There is a time-honored tradition of people who strongly disagree with a message and take it out on the messenger, and opponents of integration had a personal animus for Jackie Robinson. Opponents of all the great social movements would take out after the advocates that were most effective in asking people to change. As a result, I don’t take it personally when the criticism comes at me. I believe so passionately in this mission, if you will. The word “mission” might sound a little grandiose, but that’s kind of what it feels like to me. . . .


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