“Secrecy is a virtual religion in Washington.”

Glenn Greenwald ain’t no part of that “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary claimed was always on the hunt for her and the hubby. Greenwald writes on what I have been wondering about: the low-level, everyday folks who have been pursued by a vengeful government for mishandling classified material.

“For low-level, powerless Nobodies-in-DC, even the mere mishandling of classified informationwithout any intent to leak but merely to, say, work from home – has resulted in criminal prosecution, career destruction and the permanent loss of security clearance.”

The federal bureaucracy likes to keep everything in-house and harshly punishes those who wander away from the plantation.

Secrecy is a virtual religion in Washington. Those who violate its dogma have been punished in the harshest and most excessive manner – at least when they possess little political power or influence. As has been widely noted, the Obama administration has prosecuted more leakers under the 1917 Espionage Act than all prior administrations combined.”

This helps to explain why Hillary set up a private email server. The Clintons love secrecy.

In his presser, FBI director Comey said that Hillary had no malicious intent. But Greenwald doesn’t buy that. Nor do I.

“I do think there was malignant intent: using a personal email account and installing a home server always seemed to be designed, at least in part, to control her communications and hide them from FOIA and similar disclosure obligations.”

Except, of course, the opposite happened. The private server wasn’t well-protected. Many of the security features on the server were disabled and it’s likely the server was penetrated by both hostile and friendly foreign governments, and who knows how many ad hoc operators.

And yet, Hillary is protected, much more so than her emails. It’s not just sycophants and cronies. The Democrat Party knows when and how to circle the wagons to protect their own. Winning the White House again is much too important to let the rule of law get in the way.



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