It’s good to be neighborly. A good lesson in self-reliance.

WA_SUNRelaxing on the Fourth of July after a day of celebration, a pair of men with Rainier beers in their hands look across Oyster Bay and notice flames, a growing fireball, near a neighbor’s house on Madrona Point.

Given the watery geography, it takes about 11 minutes by car to get from where they were to the scene of the fire. So one launches a kayak, crosses the water in about five minutes, and does what he can to douse the flames.

The other man yells to get the attention of anyone around, then decides to join the firefight, hopping in another kayak and making the short journey.

And by the time the firefighters arrived, the flames were out.

It’s a good lesson for every one of us. It’s best to do what you can on your own. Don’t depend on anyone else to come to your aid. It may very well rest on your shoulders.




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