In 2015, about half of those fatally shot by police were white & the other half black.

May calmer heads prevail during this time of national upheaval.

According to data compiled by Washington Post staff, 990 people in the United States were fatally shot by police in 2015. This year the number is at least 512 so far.

That’s not a huge number proportionally given a nation with a population of about 320 million. A person’s likelihood of being shot by a police officer is infinitesimal.

About half of those killed were white, and about half were minorities. Less than 10 percent of all those killed were unarmed.”

Those with darker skin are more likely to be shot during encounters with police, and, of course, this needs to be addressed and hopefully remedied.

“Blacks continued to be shot at 2.5 times the rate of whites.”

Most of these shootings could and should have been avoided, in my opinion. Police training is lacking when it comes to pulling and firing guns.

Too often the police and grand juries rely on the officer using the “fear for his life” defense, which is much too broad and subjective to be meaningful in potential prosecutions for wrongdoing.

May calmer heads prevail.



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