What fun! Preaching racism, class warfare & violent revolution against capitalism & mainstream America.

While talking with local reporters after a press conference, the police chief of El Paso, Texas, a black man, describes the Black Lives Matter movement as a radical hate group.

Since the assassinations and terror in Dallas, I thought it best to hold back on my opinions. Quite honestly I am just exhausted by the continual stream of lies coming from activists and political hacks, and perpetuated by a complicit media.

I am guessing that those involved in radical revolutionary groups, such as International ANSWER, a front for foreign dictators and their supporters, are the ones organizing the Black Lives Matters protests. These leftists can’t pass up any opportunities to be disruptive. They claim to be peaceful and that they advocate for peace, but are clearly anything but.

There are some of these radicals — communists, socialists, however they label themselves— in Seattle. Usually I just ignore them. But the murders of the five police officers in Dallas has made me reflect on these professional, rent-a-mob protesters.

A group was blocking traffic near Westlake in downtown Seattle on Thursday, obviously part of a nationwide effort to be annoying, closing down streets during rush hour, and bitching about police brutality. Let me clue them in on something: alienating regular folks ain’t gonna benefit your movement and goals.

Thankfully, the protest in Seattle wasn’t large enough to be too disruptive. Most people had better things to do.

Like many who landed on the Hollywood black list, such as Orson Bean, I have been to a few communist and socialist gatherings. I wasn’t chasing girls, however.

Often I’d go for the free food and to marvel discretely at the nutjobs. I wanted to see firsthand how crazy some of these folks are. I’d look through the knickknacks and propaganda they had — get this— for sale. They don’t seem to get the irony. Some of it was anti-Semitic, very anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.



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