Lee Marvin & Richard Burton!? In the same movie? I had no idea.

It’s an obscure film. I’d never heard of it before. But I found it on Hoopla, a digital streaming service available through many libraries. It’s called The Klansman.

Lee Marvin is as great as ever portraying a Southern county sheriff.

Richard Burton does his best at a Southern accent, which comes and goes, mixing with more Northern inflections throughout. As an actor, I think it best to keep your own and do the part. That’s what Lee Marvin does, and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Burton. I am constantly distracted by his attempts at covering up his natural tongue.

There are some good character actors in it, too, such as David Huddleston and Cameron Mitchell. Less refined, a bit amatuerish, performances are sprinkled throughout the film, including by Linda Evans and O. J. Simpson.



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