The Notorious RBG

tumblr_inline_nmijx1iYow1s3uo67_500In two recent interviews, one with the Associated Press and another with The New York Times the next day where she doubled-down, Ruth Bader Ginsburg officially waded into the politic arena, despite years of precedence otherwise. Of course, when did decades of precedence stop a Supreme Court justice?

“No wonder they call her Notorious RBG. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just declared war against Donald Trump . . . ”

I remember reading about the Notorious RBG. Fans of the activist, who landed on the Supreme Court during a time of notorious activism thanks to supplicant Republicans, gave her the nickname years ago. It’s a play on a rapper, The Notorious B.I.G., who was gunned down in 1997 on the streets of Los Angeles.

A book  with the moniker, a fawning biography of Ginsburg, was published a few years back. It was popular throughout the mainstream media, with numerous interviews of the authors on everything from NPR to MSNBC.

The writer of the second interview, employed by The New York Times, both notable allies of the Notorious RBG, was “so astounded that he warned his readers before he reported her comments that normally justices ‘diligently avoid political topics.’”

As she attacked Trump, “she was smiling ‘ruefully’.”

“It wasn’t the only line she crossed in the interview. Ginsburg also daydreamed out loud about overturning the gun-rights case known as Heller. The Times even seemed to want to protect Ginsburg from the fallout from this error of judgment, deleting it from the article until sharp-eyed readers called out the paper and the lines were restored.”

What would happen if Clarence Thomas or any other justice had spoken out against Obama? Or Hillary?

“Imagine if one of the conservative justices had said such a thing about the prospect of, say, a President Hillary Clinton. There’d be a cacophony of calls for impeachment.”

Of course, no one among her friends, no one at The New York Times — not a single, lonely soul on the Left — has said a damn thing about Ginsburg’s big mouth. They never let Scalia say anything without a bunch of snide remarks.

“So far, Ginsburg’s electioneering hasn’t been met with even a peep of protest from the editorial board of the Times — or any other Democratic Party-aligned paper. Then again, she’s a liberal.”





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