Hillary is excessively defensive, doing more harm to herself than others, writes Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker.

Hillary Clinton is so much like Richard Nixon that the parallels are uncanny. Her paranoia and quest for secrecy matches his.

I wonder if she can match him in language, too. Does she swear like a sailor?

Lawyer and legal analyst media darling Jeffrey Toobin writing in The New Yorker wrapped up the situation with Hillary and her email quite well.

“Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President is widely, and aptly, described as historic. Here’s one of the reasons: If she wins, she will have spent a longer time under criminal investigation than any President in history.”

There have been a lot of scandals. Of course, Hillary and company say these are witch hunts. Nothing to see here. Never was. But anyone with a brain knows better.

“Only true nineties-trivia buffs will be able to recall the full range of the accusations, which included Travelgate, Filegate, and the mystery of the missing (then found) Rose Law Firm billing records.”

So it wasn’t surprising to have another mess created by Hillary spill out into public.

“As a Washington veteran, she should have known that such a system was fraught with peril. Most government officials avoid the problem by keeping a separate account, like one on Gmail, for private e-mail. Clinton could have done that and avoided the problems, but instead she jerry-rigged a system that supposedly could handle both personal and professional work. It was a terrible idea.”

Her political instincts are just terrible. She seems to be on cruise control, just coasting on the coattails of her husband.

“When first confronted by reports about the e-mails, Clinton reacted like a cornered perp, denying everything. She had to know (as most everyone in Washington does) that the government vastly overclassifies information, so her flat denial that there had been any classified information on her server was destined to be disproved, as it was. Retreating from that line, she said that nothing “marked” classified was on her server, and that, too, turned out to be wrong.”

“Clinton’s visceral distaste for being the target of partisan smears led her to overreact, overdeny, and make a bad situation worse.”

It’s strange how Toobin still uses the “partisan smears” label to help protect her and explain her defensiveness. He is obviously still firmly planted among the Establishment.

If Hillary, and Bill, were ever on the up-and-up, just playing it straight, the Republicans would fall in line. Just look to Obama for help. Everyone was fawning over he when she was secretary of state. No one wanted to burst the collegial bubble.

Hillary “has become excessively defensive, and harms herself more than” her detractors.



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