Roger & Me — and Gretchen, Too

I don’t know if Roger Ailes is a habitual harasser of women. But I do have my doubts, given the circumstances. An anchor’s contract is not renewed. She sues, claiming sexual harassment.

The defendant is a huge target, no pun intended. He operates the largest TV outlet for conservatism in the United States. So, it was surprising to hear of another six women alleging wrongdoing. Honestly, I thought there’d be more. I was surprised there wasn’t a tidal wave. Because that’s what the Left does to its opponents in the political arena: character assassination en masse.

Just look to Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, Nancy Reagan . . . The list is endless.

I never understood why Ailes hired Gretchen Carlson in the first place. Watching her on Fox & Friends was often painful. As so many liberal watchdogs have noted, she ain’t that smart. She’s ditzy. It’s sad to say.

I don’t want to malign her. I really don’t. But she has waded into the no man’s land of a brutal war: left versus right. It’s not a good place to be when you don’t have the brains to fight. That’s how this war is fought. Through arguments and reason. She’s not equipped for this.

That’s why I am assuming someone got to her. Someone, perhaps a few feminist so-called friends, recruited her in an attempt to bring down one of the reasons why conservatism has been fighting hard and sometimes winning: the man behind Fox News, Roger Ailes.

Maybe if they’re lucky, just maybe they can bring down Fox News itself. Don’t think this isn’t a primary goal of the leftists. The Democrats sitting on the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, have been trying to do just that.

So, sadly, Gretchen Carlson appears to be the latest Anita Hill. Carlson is the latest tool in the Democratic wood shed. The enemies of conservatism and Fox News are hoping to bring the network to an untimely end, by whatever means necessary. Because conservatism is so damn dangerous in their eyes.

Once Carlson is no longer useful to these radical partisans, she will be jettisoned as easily as a bit of moldy bread. And I don’t think she realizes that. She won’t have many friends left after that.



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