Yeah, one-party rule is such a fantastic idea. I didn’t fathom how remarkably foolish Mr. Tom Friedman is.

Mr. Tom Friedman, resident genius at The New York Times, writes how Democrats should rule the world, punishing the Republicans for nominating such a politically incorrect, unconventional candidate as Donald Trump.

Of course, ceding such power to the nuts – and yes, that’s what most Democrats are – would imperil the republic. Is Friedman just being rhetorical? Does he really buy into this nonsense? Or does he really mean it? Sadly, I think he does, which shows just how unwise he really is. Either way it doesn’t much matter.

Because Democratic superdominance would mean the end of the First Amendment. They would begin pursuing Drudge and Fox News, doing their best to hound them either into submission or complete annihilation. Democrat commissioners at the FCC have already tried to do so, but have been blocked. With no opposition, any dissent would be met with severe retribution.

The Second Amendment would be toast. Of course, the gun control freaks would be ecstatic. But the common man – farmers in Nebraska, ranchers in Wyoming, hunters in Idaho and the urbanites who live in crime-ridden neighborhoods – would be screwed. The right to possess firearms would be saddled with so many regulations and rules that it would be virtually impossible to do so. And a serious effort to repeal the Second Amendment would gain traction.

And that’s just the beginning. There would be the return of the Fairness Doctrine and demands that Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio hosts give equal time to differing opinions. It could very lead to the end of talk radio.

Imagine a Hillary Clinton, aided and abetted by the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, with absolutely no checks on their power. This is a woman who was so arrogant as to install and use a private email server for official government business, including the transmission and retention of state secrets.

There would be no threat of censure or impeachment, ever. Democrats could act with impunity, which they pretty much do now, and that’s with Republicans in control of the legislative branch.

In summary, total Democratic domination of the federal government would be an unmitigated disaster, possibly leading to unrest and bloodshed, and likely coming to a head in a rebellion and subsequent civil war.

In short, because of his hatred and fear of Donald Trump, Mr. Friedman would sacrifice the very country he purports to cherish and defend.



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