Bernie❤Hillary ✌ You know it’s bad when the Gray Lady, The New York Times, prints the truth.

Uninspiring? Just maybe

This was the best Bernie could come up with?”

Gee, I wonder why Bernie Sanders is so uninspired. Why are voters so uninspired? Maybe it is has something to do with Hillary Clinton’s lack of character and charisma.

She is way too cold and calculating. And hence, Bernie gives an uninspiring speech, because he was forced into endorsing an uninspiring, corrupt candidate.

“Bernie Sanders went off for a month to contemplate life after the revolution, and this was the best he could come up with?”

Couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Except I don’t blame him one bit for being so milquetoast. Hillary is beyond uninspiring. She is so underwhelming, what do folks expect? I mean, really.

I do blame him for getting wrapped up in Democrat Party politics. He should have taken their strident criticisms, such as the House Dems booing him, as a proud moment and worn it is a badge of honor. Instead, he buckled under.

He should have stood defiantly, perhaps even running as a third-party candidate. But, alas, even he is caught up in the Establishment and their power. They would try to ruin him, completely. Yet, I and many others would have admired him. I still do, just less so.

Hillary doesn’t deserve his support.

“Clinton . . . stood next to him looking uncomfortable, nodding endlessly like a bobblehead doll and smiling at odd, seemingly random moments.”

Hillary as a bobblehead doll. Hmmm. I like the imagery. I must be a sexist pig.

“The event was bound to be stiff, since Sanders has spent most of the year attacking Clinton as corrupt, excessively hawkish and beholden to Wall Street.”

Yes, Hillary is a stiff, except that she isn’t dead, at least not in the traditional sense. Her campaign may be. I certainly hope so. I just don’t see the vast majority of voters being that stupid. Dumb enough to vote Hillary? I may be too optimistic. We’ll see.

She reminds me of that most robotic specimen of presidential candidates, Al Gore. He was wooden, and Hillary is as fake as Joan Rivers’ face. (I’m thinking the late comedienne would like the reference.)

Maybe she is so plastic because her soul, her very essence, is dead. Maybe she has buried her true self as self-preservation, to protect her from the pain of her philandering, wild, out of control hubby.

I do feel sorry for her. That’s probably sexist, too. Why she stood by such a cretin as Bill is just bizarre. The only answer that makes sense is that she wanted the power associated with such a charismatic, charming up-and-coming politician.

And that’s why Bernie should not have endorsed her and why his speech was so tepid and boilerplate.

There have been quite a few missteps by the Hillary campaign. I am hoping these are sufficient enough to keep her out of the White House, reminiscent of previous Democrat nominees from Walter Mondale to John Kerry. (The good news is that, unlike prior Republican campaigns, Donald Trump is willing to go negative, to reveal how pathetic the opposition, including the media, really are.)

“Who thought of leaving the winner up there with the loser the entire time? The same public-relations genius who put Michael Dukakis in a tank in 1988?”

Not sure what, or who, the author is referring to here. Bob Shrum? Now, there’s a loser, on so many levels.

Based on many reactions from diehard Bernie supporters, I don’t think he did the job. Hillary cannot count on many of them jumping ship, biting their tongues, or whatever it is they need to do to cast a vote for her.

She is a terrible candidate and perhaps an even worse person. There’s something about her that is poisonous. She is corrupt, self-serving, and greedy. And many Bernie fans know this. How many will abandon their ideals to block Trump by voting for her? Like I said, we’ll see. I don’t think it will be many.

You know it’s bad, just plain terrible, when The New York Times prints the truth.



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