Perhaps someone can define precisely what white privilege is. Anyone?

Reports of a boy, clearly naive and indoctrinated, using slam poetry to apologize for his “White Boy Privilege” was praised by many after it went viral.

I wasn’t one of them. Just briefly reading the background made me gag. I still haven’t watched the video. I really don’t want anything to do with it. It’ll just piss me off.

I must be one rough and tough racist son of a bitch.

I think of the poor, rural folks in Appalachia. Where is their white privilege? I think of Grandpa Hill, who was basically a sharecropper in South Dakota. Where was his white boy privilege?

I am not saying that some among them don’t have skewed, twisted views on blacks and race. But since when did a few rotten apples indict every single Caucasian? That seems quite racist to me.



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