Hillary is making history alright. She’s the most corrupt candidate ever.

Hillary Clinton stands out, and alone

Freddy “The Beetle” Barnes, writing in The Weekly Standard, lays out just who Hillary Clinton is. It’s a wonderfully devastating critique.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to get this close to becoming president of the United States.”

Think on that for a bit. THE MOST CORRUPT. EVER.

“Aaron Burr was corrupt, but his treason didn’t occur until after his presidential possibilities had dried up. Ulysses Grant was a great man whose administration was riddled with corruption, but he wasn’t personally involved. Warren Harding wasn’t a great man, but he wasn’t party to the corruption in his administration either. Hillary Clinton stands alone.”

Hillary is special, a very special case.

“Her corruption has many dimensions. It encompasses her personal, professional, and political life. There are lots of overlaps. Her use of a private email server engulfs all three aspects. With Clinton, one never has to exaggerate. Her malfeasance speaks for itself, loudly.”

And yet, there are millions who will still vote for her.

“She lies to get out of trouble and fool the press and voters. But she also lies gratuitously—when it’s not required to avoid trouble. Face to face with the parents of CIA commandos who were killed in Benghazi while protecting Ambassador Chris Stevens, Clinton lied. She said an anti-Islam video had prompted the fatal attack, which she knew wasn’t true, when she could have simply expressed her condolences.”

Of course, many in the media do what they can to help her, despite her being uncooperative.

“Clinton has a masochistic relationship with the media. She spurns them. They protect her.”

She goes for months and months without taking questions. There are incredible stretches of time where there are no Hillary press conferences. But their loyalty is deep and wide. Like her, they are altogether corrupt and all together in the cause.



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