Constantly smearing the South & conservatives — as if it is 1870 — is really growing old

E.J. Dionne, a partisan hack at The Washington Post, has written a column predicting the end of the Republican Party.

There’s some good historical background in it. He writes of Whigs and Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln. The party was born to fight slavery and the powers-that-be in the South.

The Republicans descending on Cleveland would thus have every right to insist that all Americans owe a large debt to the GOP. We are a better, freer and more prosperous nation because their party was born.”

Well, thanks for that. At least Dionne gave us something, because the rest of his column is one giant libel against populism, conservatism, nationalism, protectionism, and Donald Trump.

“Of course it would be historically naive to pretend that time has stood still since 1856. To do so would mean ignoring that the South, which hated the original Republicans, is now the dominant force in the party.”

And yet that is precisely what Dionne does. He treats the Republicans and the South as if we are still stuck in an era where blacks can’t vote and Democrats are the only saviors of mankind.

Unlike Dionne and many of his co-horts, most of the nation has moved on from the racism of the past.


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