Never seen a pro-Hitler documentary before. Good lord, I hate Nazis.

Think different? That’s one way of putting it.

I will never understand why anyone hero worships Adolf Hitler, especially in the 21st century. The man and his ego destroyed Germany and much of Europe.

I can forgive those among the German people who were swept up in the dreams of a better Fatherland. They were naive. And I am sure many were fearful. Who dared to speak out against the Nazis?

But anyone who propagates this cult of personality after seeing images of the Holocaust is sick and demented. To those millions of souls murdered by the Butcher of Berlin and his cronies, I will never let the Holocaust deniers go unchallenged.

I am very proud to be descended from numerous Germans. I am more German than English. That’s what my DNA says and that’s how I feel to my core. It’s in my blood. Thanks to the bizarre racial theories of the Nazis, this sounds a bit creepy. But it isn’t.

National Socialism annihilated the Germany that was. The Germany that took centuries of culture and struggle to build was decimated in a few short years of total war. The land of my forebears was invariably altered by their fanaticism. And for that I will never forgive them.


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