Strange that the mother of a son murdered at Benghazi, Patricia Smith, is attracting so much flak from the Dems.

I thought that giving a forum to women was a big part of what the Democrat Party was about. But, alas, it isn’t.

Unless they tow the party line. Imagine Patricia Smith, who eviscerated Hillary Clinton in a fiery, heart-rendering speech at the Republican convention in Cleveland, doing the opposite: attacking Donald Trump in a speech at the Dem convention in Philly. She would be roundly praised and championed as a woman who speaks her mind.

Instead, Mrs. Smith is too partisan, too strident, too nasty. Sure, her son died, killed in some nastiness in Libya. But, of course, how could the leader of the free world and his secretary of state do anything about that?

Just think about that. The commander-in-chief of the mightiest, most capable military on the planet can’t muster up enough resources or pre-planning by his staff, which included Hillary, to avert the murders of our people? No one could predict that 9/11 might be a day of trouble?

Well, I have always wondered why America’s embassies and consulates are open for business on 9/11. Every single one of them should be closed, partly as a worldwide security measure, but mostly out of deference to those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks in 2001. It’s a way of honoring them while also being prudent.

And then the there’s the circumstance surrounding the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, resulting in the murders of our ambassador and three other brave men. There was obviously much more that could have been done, prior to the 9/11 anniversary and following the initial assault on the compound.

But the Democrats will have none of it. They will never admit to being wrong, particularly when it comes to being perceived as weak on military and defense issues. Instead, they circle the wagons and dig in deep, hoping the storm passes quickly.

So, hopefully, the American people will ignore the media criticism of this grieving mother and consider whether or not Hillary Clinton should be awarded a promotion. Does she deserve it? Is she worthy of the office? The answer obviously is no, hell no.

Her speech must have hit a nerve. The attacks make me think that she is on to something here, perhaps what the Democrats view as an Achilles heel. They are so jarred by her direct hit on Hillary that they are spinning her speech as exploiting death and mayhem. The entire evening was just a big exploitative affair, they say.

Sure, her talk was disjointed and unsmooth. It made me uncomfortable. But that’s good. It should. Anyone soulless enough not to squirm should be no where near the Oval Office. We are talking about the deaths of four Americans.

Remember how Hillary reacted, what she said, when asked whether the attack was planned or spontaneous. Shockingly indifferent to the lives lost, she yelled out defensively, “What difference at this point does it make?”



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