Willfully blind. Hillary is delusional. #NeverHillary

Sixty-seven percent in a recent poll do not consider Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy. Holy cow! Charlie Rose starts out with that astounding figure.

Notice how someone did up that graphic HILLARY’S MISTAKE. The word “MISTAKE” was placed in quotation marks.

By the end, however, Charlie lightens up. He plays the friendly defense attorney trying to help his client.

Charlie and his girlfriends on CBS This Morning laugh it up afterwards. He did his best to boost her credibility. He came right out with that. He said it. Mission accomplished, in his mind. Geez, I wonder how they’re gonna vote.

Meanwhile, I am nervous as hell that this nutbag is gonna get elected, though seeing her in this clip gives me hope.

She is unbelievable. Unless you are the CBS morning crew or similarly insular reporters, how could you possibly accept her responses? She was defensive and unapologetic.

She says she wouldn’t do it again, though she didn’t do anything wrong. Because she got caught. Does anyone really believe she wouldn’t do something so stupid yet again? There’s a pattern here going back decades.



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