Reading about panic in the Democratic ranks is quite amusing

“We’re PANICKED, friends.”

That’s the beginning of a message from the Democratic Governors Association distributed via email.

And I, for one, am amused.

“Nate Silver just confirmed that Donald Trump . . . polls . . . within single digits in key swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida) . . . ”

So the Donald is polling well in battleground states, despite what the media has been churning out. They ramped it up even more during the Republican convention. Hillary’s many friends in the press pool seem quite desperate.

“This is NOT good. If we lose these swing states, Donald Trump becomes president and Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood, slash Social Security and deport millions of families. We can only win if we know NOW that top Dems like you are committed to fighting.”

I love how abortion always crops up. Note how it is the first item on the agenda. It really is a sacrament of the Democrat Party. All hail abortion!

Then, scare the seniors. Then, put the fear of God into the Hispanics and minorities. Part of the same old stale playbook.

Sadly, I wish that I could put some stock in what they argue. Trump makes me nervous. My fear is the Trump will seek compromise on many issues. I fear he will be too liberal. Nixon did the same, creating the EPA and greatly expanding the government under his tutelage.

Can Trump be trusted? I don’t know. What I do know is that Hillary Clinton cannot be. She is dishonest, untrustworthy, corrupt.

Most voters are not paying attention to polls. They are not watching the conventions, let alone the convention coverage with a bunch of talking heads telling us what to think, thankfully. Only nerdish wonks like me do that.



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