“Decades of frustration, and Hillary lacks answers.” — political analyst Jeff Greenfield

I don’t agree entirely with his assessment, but Jeff Greenfield makes some good, insightful, and fascinating points in his analysis of this crazy election cycle.

“Decades of frustration is venting itself against immigrants, and Hillary lacks answers.”

I don’t know if Greenfield wrote this. It’s a sub-headline. The anger being expressed by Trump supporters isn’t aimed at “immigrants” or even “undocumented” migrants.

This anger is directed at the Establishment, at the bureaucrats and the politicians who ignore the will of the people and who have sold the people out for personal benefit. A primary figure in this corruption is Hillary Clinton. This is evidenced by the vitriol directed at her by many at the Trump convention in Cleveland.

Immigrants, of the illegal kind, are a minor player. Liberals and leftists don’t seem to appreciate the difference between being adamantly against people entering the country and working illegally, and not hating the folks who do it. I have no hatred of them. It’s understandable. They are seeking better lives. Yet, we are country of laws, and the rule of law is crucial to society.



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