My favoritest¹ sports meltdown ever, from 2006

RIP, Coach Green. Thanks for the memories. Seriously.

Coach Green died today, sadly. He was a well-known and oft-entertaining pro football coach and mentor.

During a game against the Chicago Bears — I think it was Monday Night Football — his Arizona Cardinals totally collapsed in a bizarre affair with numerous turnovers.

His post-game press conference made headlines. He was understandably mad and had a meltdown that mirrored what happened on the playing field.

Isn’t it great to see a man so visibly upset? He didn’t tone it down for the cameras. He was just himself, and he was pissed off. I wish leaders in other arenas, such as politics, would take a lesson from this.

I remember listening to this game on the radio. It was wild, the wildest football game I had witnessed, until the NFC Championship game in Seattle in January of 2015, where the Seahawks mounted a most miraculous comeback against the the mighty Green Bay Packers advancing to Super Bowl XLIX.


1. Yes, I know that favoritest ain’t a word.

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