My response to Louis CK saying folks should vote Hillary, via my spokesman, Zach Galifianakis

Louis CK is sometimes funny. I first learned of him via a guest spot on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

I didn’t know anything about him, but have since learned that he is often crass and vulgar, and while this is sometimes warranted, giving a blue collar authenticity to his comedy, these adult themes and language are mostly unnecessary.

So, since learning more about the man, it was not surprising to read that he supports Hillary Clinton. But his reasoning is so illogical that I had to respond. It makes no rational sense.

“The American government is a very volatile, dangerous mechanism, and Hillary has the most experience with it.” So Hillary should lead it. That’s what he’s arguing.

Well, Mr. CK, having someone as corrupt and self-serving as Hillary as the head of state and chief executive of this behemoth is totally irresponsible and dangerous, to the republic and the people.



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