There’s an eerie creepiness to Hillary & her campaign. “Bernie’s a non-believing Jew.” “Trump’s a Nazi.”

So Bernie is a Jew, albeit a nonpracticing, secular one. Hillary’s campaign was trying to leverage this for political gain, the proof provided by hackers and Wikileaks who leaked the documents. And Trump is the fascist? Trump is the Nazi?

Now, I hear that Hillary’s campaign made some very Orwellian demands of every VP candidate being vetted. The campaign insisted on them turning over every password for every social media account for every member of their families. Downright Big Brother, Big Mother creepy.

And yet, Hillary and her supporters continue to shout that Trump is dangerous. “Trump is Hitler.” “Trump is Mussolini.”

Thanks to a colluding media, Hillary and her politburo get away with a lot of this nonsense.



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