Isn’t name calling supposed to be a no-no among the leftists & the liberals? Pesky “rules.”

It’s only because of TV icon Norman Lear, creator of Archie Bunker and All in the Family, and Bea Arthur’s Maude, that I learned of Antonio Sabato Jr.’s opinion, apparently vile, that President Obama is a Muslim.

Sabato was one of the speakers at Trump’s convention in Cleveland, and I had already forgotten about him. Should I be offended by Lear labeling him a meathead? Well, I’m not.

Sabato, clearly not Grade A intellectual material, is a meathead and an asshole, according to Lear. Asshole may or may not be accurate. I don’t know the man. He’s only famous because he’s easy on the eyes. He’s good looking. That’s how Hollywood operates. So the meathead classification seems to be correct.

But what’s the big deal, anyway? I thought Muslims were cool. And shouldn’t be discriminated against.

I don’t buy into any of this wild conjecture on Obama, by the way. I am not a birther. Obama was born in Hawaii. I do not believe that Obama is a Muslim. What he is happens to be bad enough.

He’s a leftist who does not believe in the greatness of America. He’s a radical with an agenda to remake the country. He wants to implement radical social change via government decree.

He claims to be a Christian. I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. To me, on religion, he’s kinda like Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a non-practicing Jew.

I view Obama much the same. He’s a non-practicing Christian. Basically he’s an agnostic. That’s how I seem him. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I could care less. But he should just be honest with us.



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