Yes, the system is rigged, Senator Warren. Just read the DNC emails.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech is perplexing to me.

Why would a prominent speaker at the Democratic National Convention use this language? It immediately reminds me of the DNC email scandal. And I am sure the same applies to many others.

“People get it: The system is rigged,” Warren told the delegates, the media, and the world.

Why would you use these specific words, the very same that Bernie Sanders supporters are using to rail against the Democrat Party leadership? Is it purposeful sabotage? Or just plain stupidity?

Why remind the viewers of this controversy? It makes no sense to me. Did anyone vet her speech? The actual words she would use? A huge oversight and mistake.

Wikileaks has done us, the American people, a major service by making these shenanigans public.

It is Hillary Clinton and her cronies who have benefited from a corrupt, rigged system for decades, much more so than a real estate developer from New York City named Trump. But apparently this irony, this hypocrisy, is lost on Warren.


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