Barry’s brother “slates” him in interview. Huh?

In an interview with Piers Morgan, who has apparently retreated to his homeland, and a lady unknown to me, President Obama’s half-brother talks about his famous kin, criticizing his attitude, and vows to vote for Donald Trump.

Rather than wait for a reply, I had to look it up and thank heaven for Google, it wasn’t difficult. No need to lug a large dictionary around. No need to retrieve one from the library shelves.

“Something is going on with Hillary that I don’t like. Donald on the other hand, he speaks his mind and is straight forward.”

It takes a certain amount of courage to speak out like this.

“And remember, the Republican party is the party of Abraham Lincoln – who freed slaves and freed the black man.”

So great to hear that not everyone is caught up in the many lies propagated by the Democrat Party.



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