Boy, the Dems really love their actors. Oh, to be a wonkish actor in Philly.

The con is on


So the Berniacs got mad and staged a walkout on Day 3 of the Dem Convention, leaving some noticeable holes in the audience, which prompted a call for bodies to fill seats, such as they do in Hollywood during the Grammys and the Oscars. The numerous storylines not covered my the mainstream media are fascinating to me.

If I was anywhere near Philly, then I would so be there, just to experience it and make a little cash too. And I wouldn’t want to mix it up. I’d just be there to observe, to watch the silliness and the attempts at stagecraft.

Honestly don’t know how long I could stand the stupid speeches, though. I’d probably end up roaming around checking out the Twitter and Facebook displays, and see who would be interesting to talk with, such as Ann Coulter and Dinesh.

Gives new meaning to the abbreviation DemCon. God bless Craigslist and Democrat delegates with convictions.


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