Trying to get the mood of America. Reading a bit about what a fella in Idaho has to say.

A man named Brad Little is running for governor of Idaho. He’s very early in to the race. The election is in 2018.

With the the election this year and the political conventions winding down, I was curious to read what he said about the presidential contest. He was recently interviewed by a reporter in Twin Falls.

“I’m obviously a small-agriculture, rural-community guy, and I think that’s part of the perspective I bring and come from.”

He will vote Trump, he says, viewing him as “better than the alternative.”

Ditto that.

“Frankly, I hope that President Trump gets in and does start making drastic changes, and some of the things the federal government does, they quit doing, and he practices true federalism and sends a lot of those responsibilities back to the state.”

We need change, not semantic change, not mere window dressing, but real, true reform.

There also opportunities that only an outsider like Trump can bring to the table. Many are angry at the federal government, some who have never cast a vote before.

“If he brings a bunch of new people to the process, that is good. Our democratic republic only works if there is participation.”



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