Bear mauls 600-pound cow in upstate New York

NY_TPSI’ve been reading
about a bear attack in upstate New York. The bear mauled a 600-pound cow.

That’s quite a large animal for a bear to target. The bear forced its way through an electric fence to get into the pasture and go after the cow.

What ended the attack is unknown. But the bear likely has some injuries himself. Getting kicked by a cow repeatedly must have been fun.

I am assuming it’s a black bear, since there are no brown or grizzlies that far east. I had always thought that black bears were rather skittish when it comes to other large mammals.

But the animal may be starving. A dry spring and summer has resulted in a dearth of forest vegetation.

“Black bears generally eat berries, acorns and other vegetation in the woods and fields, but will occasionally attack and eat other animals.”

Thankfully I have never encountered a bear in the wild.

The suspect bear has been growing accustomed to humans for two to three years and “has been getting increasingly aggressive, raiding bird feeders and garbage cans . . . ”

It even climbed the stairs of a house one day, in a particualrly aggressive mood.




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