Eight years & President Obama squanders the moment, sadly

He had eight years, and after promising a new kind of politics, President Obama has failed to deliver, instead quickly reverting to the standard partisanship and rancor he claimed to be replacing.

One of his young supporters, now 19, has noted his disappointment in a column for the magazine The Week.

“Looking back on it now, I never fully appreciated the political consensus. Almost everyone I knew, saw, or met — even many Republicans — was optimistic about the president-elect.”

Sadly, this optimism was misplaced.

Of course, the liberal talking points are that the Republicans and the conservatives never wanted him to succeed. They wanted to be able to point their fingers and blame him for any failures, they say. But, obviously, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Everyone.

“I was troubled by the extent of the conflict between the Obama administration and Republicans. The country was far more divided than I could have ever fathomed.”

As if gridlock is a bad thing. The Germans could have used some against Hitler. And the Soviets too. Being a roadblock to terrible governance is good. Blocking bad legislation is key to a functional, competent government.

“I noticed that American politicians referred to one another as enemies, even if they didn’t use that exact word. President Obama was among them. As I reached my high school years, my innocent idealism about his presidency had all but dried up. It all seemed so petty and vindictive, on both sides.”

Rather than having a god-like effect on American life, Obama and his friends have made it worse.

“Why had a smart, inspirational man who appeared to possess the tools of a great leader and the ambitions of a transformative one had such little success in revamping and unifying America? I realized that it had a lot to do with the times we live in.”

His arrogance has been downright shocking at times.

“President Obama could have had a role in combating this, but he became complicit in it. That was when he lost me. Rather than truly challenging the broken machine, he became a cog in it. He remains the eloquent orator and brilliant thinker that inspired me to consider politics as a profession. But the “Hope” we were promised is not the prevailing sentiment, mainly due to a lack of “Change.” Looking back at old footage, I hardly recognize Obama. I just cannot summon the feelings I felt during his candidacy.”

“. . . at some point during his presidency, I lost the president I acclaimed to a broken political machine. Rather than transcending the unscrupulous system, he thought he could broker it. As a result, he sunk into the mud.”



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