Now air conditioning will be the death of us

What’s ironic is that these geniuses don’t seem to comprehend the oxymoronic nature of this sentiment.

Global temps are rising to unprecedented levels, which means a greater need for air conditioning, but the use of it contributes to greater warming. I don’t buy into this propaganda.

This drivel is being promulgated by most of the media, the latest being The Washington Post.

What’s next? Limiting who can own air conditioning units and when someone can use one? Outlawing air conditioners altogether?

Do they not realize how many people die every year from heat exposure? Or is isn’t that they just don’t care!? The elderly just sitting at home die. The poor are especially susceptible. This happens every summer in Chicago, in Mississippi, in England.

And these “climate change” morons want to browbeat guilt into the people that cranking up the air conditioning is somehow harming the planet.

John Kerry, one of the most powerful figures in our government, has said that climate change is as dangerous as the terrorist savages of Islamic State. This false moral equivalence is repugnant.



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