Still trying to figure this one out. Why would Union Civil War soldiers steal historic documents?


Nearly 300 pages documenting local Virginia history have been returned home. The records, from Charles City County, were pilfered by Union soldiers during the Civil War. The recovered pages are from the late 1600s, from 1694 through 1700.

It’s amazing the papers survived so many years. Where the heck have they been? Another question I’d love to have answered.

“It’s a godsend, an absolute godsend,” said John Metz, deputy of collections and programs at the Library of Virginia.

“This is remarkable,” said Judith Ledbetter, historian with the Richard M. Bowman Center for Local History in Charles City.

Many notable names from early American history are included, such as William Byrd, Benjamin Harrison Sr. and Capt. William Randolph.



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