Ah, New York, New York. Junkies, criminals, vagrants, crackheads, thieves, bums & hookers.

Not such a wonderful town

New York City so unimpressed during my visit a few years back.

It is where many of the elites of America live. And the city really ain’t much. They don’t seem to realize it, cocooned away in their million dollar penthouses.

Crowded, dirty subways. Dingy, filthy Penn Station. Times Square, boring commercialism.

What would Frank think? Worse, much worse, than the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars, the opium dens of Sherlock Holmes, the meth houses in rural America.

Yet, this is where a great deal of news and entertainment is created, in this enclave, sheltered away from the rest of America. And this establishment bias is dangerous. There is a gulf between the regular folks and the elites.

Where will it lead? Open rebellion? Civil war?



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