Hillary’s Many Nicknames


Hillary Clinton’s comment about a “short-circuit” while talking about the email scandal got me to thinking about nicknames for her.

Of course, there’s Crooked Hillary, a popular one used by Donald Trump and many on Twitter. Now, added to the list is Short Circuit.

There’s Shillary, and Hildebeest, and Killary. Hillary Rotten Clinton.
The Wicked Witch of the West Wing. Hilla the Hun. And, finally, Saint Hillary. There are others, but few that rise above the rest.

One that wasn’t on the list is Hot Sauce Hillary, one of my favorites. In a few interviews, Hillary claimed to love hot sauce, carrying a bottle in her purse. This was deemed pandering by many, including me. But apparently she does carry around a bottle with her.

What’s key is that even when she is telling the truth, people don’t believe her, because she lies so much. Her continual absurd denials about the email situation are pathologically bizarre.



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