Sonia Sotomayor wants to make a better world. Doesn’t it make ya’ll warm & fuzzy inside?


AK_FDNM (copy)

I’ve got some news for Justice Sotomayor. It’s not the role of a Supreme Court justice to make the world a better place.

You wanna do that? Well, you went into the wrong field, honey. Ya shoulda gone into politics or community organizing.

Her job is to provide justice, blind, unfettered justice. Now, if that blind, unbiased justice makes the world a better place, then good for us. But it’s not the role of the courts to force it. I want Justice Sotomayor to provide fair court decisions, not weighted ones based on her ideas of a better world.

Of course, Sotomayor thinks she can effect great change by dictating from the bench. And, yes, in many cases, that’s true. Judicial activism has long, sordid tradition, unfortunately. Perhaps the greatest example is Roe v. Wade.



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