Thank God for America & our freedoms. There’s no freedom of association in Germany. No BBQs for rebel, neo-Nazi scum.

No BBQs for you, neo-Nazi scum!

A few nuts wanna have a BBQ? Nope. Not gonna happen. About fifty hard-right crazies wanted to share bratwurst and beer while talking fashion tips, but the authorities grew suspicious and shut it down.

Jack-booted thug wannabes can’t assemble in Germany. Hitler’s beer hall get-togethers still hang over Deutschland like the smog in Los Angeles.

You’d think authorities would want these hangouts in public, where folks can keep an eye on ’em. I want any Nazi freaks well-known to the community. And having a picnic is better than having them march through the streets harassing people or rioting.

Maybe venting at a shindig will be cathartic and lessen any impulses to commit violence. If hard-right thugs are gonna plan something, they’ll find a way to do it.

Freedom is much too important to let a distinct minority of radicals disrupt it. Time for a reassessment, Germany.



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