I’ve got news for Cokie Roberts. Everyone is morally tainted. Such is the state of humanity. We are all sinners.

Oh, and Cokie, Donald Trump
ain’t a racist, by the way.
Saying so is slanderous.

Being preached at by secularist liberals is a time honored tradition. Despite few if any qualifications, Cokie Roberts is handsomely paid to pontificate. Why does ABC pay her? I have no idea. I guess someone powerful likes her.

Me, however, I’ve had my fill. I watched This Week religiously when the classy David Brinkley hosted, back when George Will was at his best. These two men were the major reasons why I tuned in. With Brinkley dead and Will gone, there’s really no good reason to watch any more.

Mostly it’s just a bunch of libs talking about God-knows-what. So Cokie chastising me, and every other Trump voters, that I am “morally tainted” carries no weight.

I am a Christian and recognize that what Cokie says is true. For all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.

Unfortunately, Cokie doesn’t acknowledge or even seem to notice her own shortcomings, nor that of the vast array of media. Their support of Hillary enables her willful blindness and corruption. Hillary, too, is morally tainted, and I would argue to a much more dangerous extent than me or Donald Trump.

But Cokie doesn’t see it, and she probably never will, which is sad. I am hoping, however, that the electorate does and will vote accordingly on election day.



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