Birthplace — Canadice, Ontario County, New York

The Northrups & the Darlings


A fella named Northrup, with the same Christian name — Jabez — as another man named Darling — one of my ancestors — somehow ended up settling on a farm in or near the town of Canadice in upstate New York. This was apparently in 1827.

Jabez NORTHRUP, with a family numbering 13, settled on the farm now occupied by Stephen MILLER. NORTHRUP was a carpenter, and erected a frame house; it was better and larger than those of his neighbors. Here he lived till 1837, when he died, aged 74 years. Before his death, his children, once 11 in number, had so settled about him that the conch-shell could call all the living to their dinner. The family not only cleared the homestead, but 300 acres in the neighborhood. Anderson NORTHRUP, Dr. CAMPBELL, J. HEWETT, McCROSSEN and COLGROVE, were successive owners.”

And fate or destiny led another Jabez — Jabez Darling — to this place, too. He came apparently in 1829, staying for a year. Jabez liked to move around. He was constantly on the move.

“Jabez DARLING settled the Peter C. SWARTS farm. At the expiration of a year, Reuben HUFF bought him out. Then came Silas REYNOLDS, Horace WINFIELD, Albert McINTYRE, Floyd RICHARDS, and Joseph WINFIELD.”

And in October of 1830, his son, his last born child, Ezra Darwin Darling came into the world. I’ve known for years that Ezra’s birthplace was Ontario County, New York. It’s well documented. But the precise place has eluded me and every other researcher of this familt that I know. Until now.

Jabez Darling died in Huron County, Ohio in 1836. What happened after the deaths of both parents isn’t clear, but his older sister Almira apparently took on the role of mother and basically adopted Ezra. Whether or not it was official, I don’t know.

How Jabez Northrup fits into the family tree, I haven’t researched yet. But the relationship with the Darling family is key. Because Ezra ends up working for a Northrup family in Chautauqua County, New York, and despite the father’s protests, become in-laws a few years later.



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