I wonder if my great uncle remembers this, a family reunion in 1931. He was 15 at the time & is still going strong at 101.

wellman_reunionMy grandmother, his little sister, was four years old at the time.

Darling and Jones Family Reunion Is Held at Wellman

Wellman — The Darling and Jones reunion was held in the Wellman park and attended by a large crowd. A cafeteria dinner was served at noon. Those from a distance who were in attendance were Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Darling, of Ogden; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Moon, of Iowa City; Mr. and Mrs. Omer Jones and De Lea, of Muscatine; Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Jones, Marcella and Paul, of Ashland, Ill.; Mrs. Carrie Brown, of Peoria, 111.; Mrs. Hilda Foster, Cedar Rapids; the Rev. and Mrs. George Pennington and son, of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Jeffery, Richard and Mary Ellen, of Mt. Home, Idaho; Mrs. Mattie Munson, of Mt. Home, Idaho; Miss Gladys Daugherty, of Boulder Colo.; the Rev. and Mrs. L. W. Darling, Leroy; Azllle and Lucille, of Lemmons, S. D., and Mrs. Geneva Hay and family, of Lake Preston, S. D.

It’s from The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, dated June 16, 1931.




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