Seventy-six years ago — Thursday, August 29, 1940 — an historical footnote on the family farm

From the The Daily Plainsman,
printed in Huron, South Dakota

A silo building boom is in full swing throughout the Lake Preston area. Those erecting cement silos are George Hay, Anton Strande, George Daniels and Olaf Olson. A number are also making bale-hay silos, which have been found to be satisfactory in this community.”

George Hay is my great grandfather. His son, my great uncle, had gone to Seattle, chasing his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. But there was still work to be done on the family farm, like building silos.

Being a city boy, I don’t know much about farm life. Talking to my great uncle once, he mentioned corn cribs, and, of course, I had no idea, so he explained.

Sadly, George would fall ill with cancer and die the following year, prompting my great uncle’s return to the farm. He didn’t return to the Pacific Northwest until 1955 or 1956, settling for good.



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