Hillary “don’t own black people.… Black people are coming off that Democratic plantation.”


Are these two ladies part of the Alt-Right, Hillary? I’d love to see the Clinton sycophants try and shut down these two.

“Well, you know, they only smear who they fear. And the mere fact that she had a lot of things that come out on her about her emails about these pay-for-play schemes and the mere fact that Donald Trump opened up a can of worms on Hill whenever he started talkin’ about the African-American community. And he didn’t sugarcoat it. He called it exactly the way he should have called it. And the left started runnin’ scared. She started getting scared. And that’s why she came out with that speech.

See, it’s timeout for sugar coating because up under all of that sugar is mess. And he’s callin’ it like he see it. And Hillary Clinton, she has no solutions to what’s going on in the African-American or minority community or in urban cities. She has no clue. She don’t have a solution. So the best next thing let me do is bash Donald Trump.

But you all have to understand us here and she’s going to have to understand it. She do not own black people. She is not our slave master. We can vote for whoever we want to vote for. Donald Trump cannot help who embrace his campaign. But Hillary Clinton can help who she embrace. When she embraced Senator Robert Byrd. He was a KKK member. That’s what she should have been on TV talking about.

And she said that was her mentor.

That’s right. And her friend. That’s what she should have been talking about. Look at all this stuff that she has backed. And then she had the nerve to use paid actors. Paid actors in a commercial to try to smear Donald Trump. Oh, what a sad day. She don’t own black people. Black people are coming off of that Democratic plantation. She don’t get to calm the waters and tell black people not to listen to Donald J Trump. Donald J. Trump is telling the truth…

…He is not ignoring the problem. He is callin’ the problem like he see it. And he said it the way it needed to be said. When I see these black pundits on television actin’ like this don’t exist, this lets me know that they are livin’ in denial. That’s because they already live behind their picket fences. When I look out in Milwaukee and see them burnin’ down their community. They are not bring down their communities because someone got shot. They’re burnin’ down their communities because they are tired of being in poverty and not being given opportunities. That’s why they are burnin’ down their communities.

And so some of these people are in denial. Donald Trump is not in denial. And let me tell you another thing. The left, they don’t have a solution. Nobody has a solution but Donald Trump. Let’s go in and let’s fix these inner cities because this has got to stop. All of this crime has got to stop. All of this drugging has got to stop. And guess what. These people got to come up because they are part of America, too. So what he is doin’ is speaking for the voiceless. The words that don’t have a voice. He’s speaking for those people. And what do the hell do they have to lose? Let me tell you something. Poverty. Being in impoverished areas and coming up. And comin’ up. You will gain comin’ up and having opportunities.

When people have opportunities where they are thriving they are not gonna wanna burn down their communities. They are not gonna want to kill and gun down their brothers and sisters. But when nobody have opportunities there’s no hope. They feel hopeless. Life is not worth livin’. And you got to get people to coming up again. So I appreciate the way Donald Trump say it. And he needs to keep speaking it. Keep speaking it. Because black people are listening. And what’s happening is the left is scared. Hillary Clinton is scared. But she is not our slave master. She don’t own black people and we can vote for whoever we want to vote for.”



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