Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because Black Lives Matter is a front for radical agitators.

CA_LATBlack Lives Matter “is a tremendous force that is … lacking of the kind of direction that it needs to have.” That’s what Pastor J. Edgar Boyd of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest black congregation in Los Angeles, told the LA Times.

Another pastor, James I. Jones Jr., known as the Rev. JJ, heads Gangstas for Christ, noted how far America has come in race relations.

”We’ve come a long way. Right now, in L.A. I would be more concerned with my grandson getting dressed to go to a party and somebody who looks like him from a different area ask him ‘What set you from?’ than worrying about if police are going to kill my grandson.”

God bless these men for tellin’ like it really is. Racism is mostly a vestige of the past and we need to keep it there.



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