Hysterical. Loser. Libtard. Hmmm. Peeing in the pool.

I’ve been dismissed as a loser and hysterical before, but never a libtard. I am not a modern liberal. A classical liberal? Perhaps.

The tweeter, a rabid Trump enthusiast, may delete the original, out of understandable embarrassment, so I am copying it here, textually and graphically, for future reference.

This rude, uninformed note was sent in reply to a joke I made responding to Jeffrey Katzenberg’s absurd hyperbole on Hillary Clinton’s health. It’s cute having a man defend the dainty lady candidate.

I wrote a couple of replies, including the following.

Yes, Stephen Fry got it right when he abandoned Twitter, complaining that far too many people have been peeing in the pool.

I happen to think that the nastiness is far worse than peeing. It’s more like feces. Folks are making Twitter, including CEO Jack Dorsey, a shitty venue.



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